What It's Like Being A Movie star Mother | Christy Carlson Romano


Being a celeb mother is certainly completely different. This is how. Be a part of this channel for perks: …



  1. The editing on this one is a bit different … unless im watching this after newer videos where it flows a bit better? Idk but either way I love all these videos I do miss some cooking too tho

  2. This really touched me Christy and I thank you for it. I am also a mom to two girls ages 4 and 2 and everything you touched on I can completely relate to. I wish I had a mom friend like you. I don't really have many friends anymore and thats ok because my babies are my priority but to have someone to relate to and who is going through similar things is so invaluable. I also had a bit of a breakdown the other day feeling just very drained so thank you for reminding me to take a moment for myself. Wishing you and your family the best.

  3. Interesting topic, and monetization of channels is like the little kids would be working. I agree with not showing kids like Danielle Fishel. Unless, when a child is older and they seriously want to enter the industry.

  4. Christy – I recently found your videos and they are so refreshing! Your perspective is so down to earth and respectful and I have learned a lot from you in this space. Keep up the good work!

  5. Being a mom is hard. The extra that comes with being a celebrity on top of it. I can only imagine. Glad you found moms. It’s so hard to find other moms, especially when you get married and have kids at a slightly younger age , so your pre existing friends aren’t having kids yet. Then, the moms you do meet, live nowhere near you. Lol

  6. Thanks for this video. I just stumbled upon your channel by a complete chance. I wanted to find out what Shia LaBeouf was up to and I saw your video where you explain why you don't talk anymore 😁

    Anyway. I have a celebrity parent. Being surrounded by other celebrities pretty much my whole life, I think I have become desensitized to the allure of it. I think it is a good thing and grew up as a normal kid for the most part. I still don't get why a lot of people put celebrities on a pedestal but then again, I guess they didn't have the same upbringing as me. As you say, parents should be parents in the first place 🙂 And perhaps, my father wanted to protect me from the world of celebrities to some extent. He never pushed me or attempted to make me try my luck with becoming a child actor. Some of my friends did become child actors for a brief time, and it had only shaken up their self-esteem later on. Only few maintained it to their adult lives and handled it well.

    I'm not a big fan of extensive sharenting on social media today. I guess it's okay here and there, but I like how you didn't outright condemn your friends for that.

    Anyway, Cheers from Prague, Czech Rep!

  7. Mom burnout is so real. I don't remember the last time I did anything for myself or by myself. And as far as having time together just me and my partner…..hahahahaha. Parenting is hard. It's definitely amazing as well, but it is stressful.

  8. Treating celebs as more/less than an average human is beyond strange to me. I could never imagine thinking there is someone I HAVE to meet or would WANT to meet, wanting someone to write their name on a paper for me, take a picture with them.. That creeps me out about people. I understand how celebs (at any level of fame) have to be extra cautious of people/surroundings because there are weirdos out there.

  9. I understand celebrities who want their children privacy. Some celebrities show their kids or once in a while. I understand that. For YouTubers who just have children for youtube content, for money, that is not respecting their child's privacy, is just wrong.

  10. Celebrity not showing is kinda weird bc at some point, you have to show them. You can’t hide them away forever. It’d be like getting married secretly – people will find out eventually.

    But I get not having your kids out there for the whole world to see. It’s like Brenda Song not showing her son but later down the road, she’ll have to. You can’t keep your kids locked up, hidden away figuratively speaking forever.

  11. I was always taught that celebrities are just regular people who earn their living by performing. If I happen to encounter a celebrity in my daily life I just treat them as I would anyone else I interact with.

  12. I’m only saying this, because I love your videos so much. But I don’t like the editing in this video. The jump cuts. It feels like there’s no pauses, and it takes the “conversational feel” away from your other videos. I think your insight is amazing, and your cadence is perfect. Im sure it’s to help make the video shorter, but I’d love to see the imperfect side of these walks too. It’s real. Thank you for the videos!

  13. I needed this so much Christy. Thank you. I fill my cup way too much way too often. Trying to be healthy and fit, trying to run my business, trying to homeschool my 5 year old. I have my first mental breakdown this week and my husband had to sit with me and talk to me about it because I failed to admit that I need to slow down. Thank you for being so beautifully genuine and open.

  14. I am reeeeeally happy that you post these videos about moms Christy.
    My mom is not a celebrity mom but it warms my heart when you post about moms since I love my mom and fondly think of her whenever you do.
    The part about where you say that Moms suffer really got to my heart though due all the suffering my Mom had to go through in raising me (I have a lot of mental problems like autism, bipolar, OCD etc. I am always grateful for what my Mom suffered to raise me) and all her forgiveness due to my mistakes, especially those caused at least in part due to my mental illnesses.
    I WILL FOREVER love my Mom because she is a celebrity to me.

  15. Your closing words about moms dealing with a lot in today's world is so powerful. And I really do appreciate that transparency because I know someone needed to hear that. Especially the ones who feel like they're falling behind while trying to keep with everyone. And I'm not a mom myself. But I speak as someone who's seeing the craziness in our world. People knowing their not alone is absolutely reassuring.

  16. You are an amazing mom and beautiful woman you deserve to know that you loved and thought of. Your videos make me smile and happy. So keep doing what you are doing because by talking about your life, your struggles, and things that are hard to talk about really does make a difference in a lot of people’s life’s! I hope you have a wonderful day today!

  17. Soapbox time! I’m not a mom but I have my Masters in Psychology and am currently finishing my mental health counseling program/internship. Let me just say that our knowledge on human development is pretty much all just theory. There are not a lot of “facts” in the matter. That is one of the most frustrating parts of psychology, it is so uncharted and always changing. It is always so shocking when I see the judgments, criticisms, and unsolicited advice parents receive – especially mothers by other mothers. The mom community can be shockingly toxic at times which is heartbreaking. It seems a lot of insecurity festers within many mothers and they don’t always have a lot of genuine support. Nobody is an expert. What I’ve found is that parents who place judgement on other parents should genuinely reflect on why they are doing so. What purpose is that behavior serving? Does it make you feel more confident in your abilities? Does it make you feel more secure? Judgment is natural but it doesn’t have to take control and be expressed maliciously – or at all. It would be better if we all sat with it and reflected on why it was activated than expressing it online or as gossip like they do for celebrity moms and regular everyday online mom groups.


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