Giggle Together with These Lovable Infants!


Want a pick-me-up? You will undoubtedly snigger together with these cute, laughing infants. You probably have a cute and humorous video you …



  1. One day I was driving home. All the sudden the presence of Jesus came to me and there was no denying it. I knew if I asked him to play any song on the radio he would, so I said "ok Lord play "Come as you are by nirvana".
    I turned on my radio, turned up the volume, and the song started playing right there on the spot, so perfectly. I started getting flooded on the inside by the Holy Spirit, like a waterfall of chills. He stayed with me the whole ride home, til I got outta the car. Had me cryin like a little kid.

  2. I don't want to ever grow up. A daddy flipping a spoon and baby belly laughs. It doesn't take much for babies to enjoy life around them. Hint hint all you Karens and Kens. Live life to the fullest.


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