Cute New child Infants With Households #2 – Cute Child Movies


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  1. I'm not even a mom yet hello and my boyfriend arnt even married 6 ½ years going strong and these are makeing me literally cry cus I hope I'm able to have babies that are born on time and healthy so bad. I myself was a micro preme at 23½ weeks or about 5 months and I dont want to have to go through all the worry my parents did.

  2. Que irresponsabilidad con esos bebes recién nacidos dejar que lleguen a tocarlos sin lavarse las manos y que los mayorcitos les hablen encima de la carita y los baboseen menos esto ya cambio a un recién nacido hasta los dos meses no recibe visitas .

  3. Congratulations it was definitely fun watching siblings first time reactions. I also encounter that when i first saw my baby sister. And the reactions are priceless. Moments like this are one in a million. Keep sharing the love. Keep safe everyone -Bella❤️❤️❤️

  4. Farty giving the finger digging hair washing getting ready to through the baby smiley just being born babies how they show us what they think of this life of theirs Cute Cute Cuteness ✌💙

  5. Sorry to be that person, but the amount of videos of the kids just tossing the babies to the side and holding them improperly, parents need to have talks with their kids about what to do and not to do when holding their siblings. And if they’re too young to understand, hold the baby with them or don’t have them hold them at all. Rather have a talking than a baby with whip-lash or something.


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