Celebrities Learn Texts from Their Mothers #3


Over the previous few months, earlier than the virus drove us underground, we would been asking our celeb visitors to learn actual textual content …



  1. Elle is REALLY pretty. The text that her mom sent to her, remind me of something, that my mom would send to me or my son. Lol. Smh. My mother constantly worry, and think about a possible bad outcome to every and any situation. And that is very draining and very/quite annoying.

  2. I like Emily Blunt but when she giggled reading the text her mom sent I'm like you're laughing. Your mom sends a text she went falling down some stairs and ya giggle. Lol if my mom sent me that text 2 seconds later she woulda got a ring or knock on her door. Opened it and then have me come bursting in being hysterical asking if she good. Btw I get the way the mom told the story is a lil funny.


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