13 Instances Celeb Mothers SHUT DOWN Mommy Shamers


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  1. Why people needs to be so judgemental and they just don't shut the f**k up and mind their own business? Even if those mothers did something wrong (and they didn't), who gives them the right to judge? There's no such a thing like a perfect parent and celebrities are no exception. In Italy we have a say "chi so fa i c***i suoi campa cent'anni", that means "who minds their own f*****g business live 100 years". Guess they don't care to live long and happy…

  2. None of these are even real problems. I mean i get if you are worried about pink's baby but i think most moms do that. Maybe she can put the baby behind her back but she knows best. Maybe the child would cry so much

  3. I have seen the one with Kim Kardashian all the time but I don't see the problem with it since it's not a real corset. And I know that everyone can see that clearly. I don't find that dress pretty but I'm not a fan of fast fashion anyways but her mommy and her like it and thats all that's matter.

  4. Breastfeeding is what breasts are for. Get over the fact that women have boobs, and if we didn’t have clothes in this world women would be naked, and so would men. We would all be ok. If we could live with it, we should live with it. Everyone can tell women have to do it for their children to survive, so why not just understand and let them.

  5. Not losing weight fast enough? Fat? Pregnancy sizes out your body to hold the baby, it will take months and months to get that look you had before back. Even sometimes they even don’t ever lose all that weight, sometimes they keep some. Mommy shamming are people trying to disrespect people and the gender that brought you into this world.

  6. moms deserve the best why would u shame them for doing what they want its not like they r giving their kids drugs let them be they dont carry their child in themselves for 9 months and feed them for stupid ppl to judge them

  7. The dumbest one I ever heard was when Kelly Clarkson got accused of child abuse for feeding her kid a chocolate bar because "she's trying to make him fat like her". The mental gymnastics…ugh…just…my brain hurts.

  8. It may not have been a corset, but people were freaking out because of who it is. Her mother had her make a sex tape so they could be famous. At least she is already famous so she won’t have to be sold too.

  9. I actually got shamed for kissing my son on the lips too. Like, really? He's 4! I just looked at the woman and continued to shower my baby in kisses all over his face. Well, until he told me to stop lol Some people just need to be thrown into a hole and stay there.

  10. But the celebrity kids have the worst life with their parents. They see their parents once a month or once a year. Cuz they may have money and independence but all they learn is to wear over-revealing dresses, have billions of boyfriends and girlfriends, loosing virginity at the age of 14, getting spoiled for being showered with money, arrogance etc etc. The children of the celebrities are actually not so lucky like other kids

  11. Leave these moms alone like wtfffffff would you let someone shame your mom? Like if you wouldn’t let that happen don’t do that to famous people like bitch leave if you do this. Like all of these actresses and music artists are great just because they become moms doesn’t mean that they have changed like fuck you all.

  12. so if there's something that you don't like about them parenting, its automatically the mum's fault. honestly, all of these are stupid reasons to shame someone about parenting


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